Niels Olde Heuvel

Founder/CEO at thnx tags

🌟 Experience the Joy of Making Someone's Day! 🌟

Have you ever felt the incredible rush of unexpectedly bringing pure happiness to another person's life? If not, it's a sensation you absolutely must experience. Few things rival the exquisite feeling of knowing someone is wholeheartedly grateful to you.

But let's rewind a bit.

None of us want to lose our cherished belongings. Yet, as humans, we're prone to misplacing things. Every moment, countless individuals find themselves separated from something they hold dear.

Sure, we could equip all our valuables with tracking devices, but in the hands of a dishonest finder, those are easily removed or disabled. We've all heard the saying: the smarter the tech, the bolder the thief.

That's where we, at Thnx, say it's time to flip the script.

The most remarkable safety system on this planet isn't a device; it's within people - or at least, nearly all of them.

We're talking about "honesty."

The math is surprisingly simple if you're wondering where your best odds are of retrieving your lost treasures. There are far, far more honest souls roaming this Earth than there are those with ill intentions. In fact, almost everyone would seize the chance to bring joy to another person's life.

So, here's what we do at Thnx: We ensure they get that chance.

We achieve this with ingeniously simple 'tags'. With minimal effort, any finder can become an honest one. Just scan or make contact with your smartphone, and you'll instantly know how to reunite anything marked 'Thnx' with its rightful owner. And thanks to our top-notch app, the owner controls precisely what information is shared with you, the finder.

Our tags come in all forms and sizes, perfect for your belongings, luggage, pets – we even craft kid-friendly bracelets. You'll soon spot our tags seamlessly integrated into everyday items, like sunglasses or phone cases.

Now, let's be clear: our tags don't guarantee that you'll recover a lost item.

But they certainly tilt the odds in your favor.

Plus, they deliver the bonus of making two people incredibly, undeniably happy.

Because when someone says 'Thnx' after reuniting with a cherished lost item – well, that inevitably brightens your day too.

So, join us in saying 'Thnx' for honesty and discover how you can make the world a happier place, one found item at a time.

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With heartfelt gratitude,

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