Revere Health

Quality, affordable healthcare to patients throughout Utah at Revere Health

Making healthcare more affordable

In addition to accessibility and convenience, Revere Health is highly committed to affordability and value. Services such as labs, imaging, and even cancer treatment cost significantly less when performed at Revere Health clinics compared to traditional hospital settings. Our Urgent Care sites also offer lower co-pays and overall lower costs than similar facilities. Revere Health providers also practice a concept called value-based care which focuses on prevention and delivering high-quality, medically necessary services at the lowest possible cost.

Why Revere Health?

All major insurances accepted.
We believe insurance should not be a barrier to quality care. Therefore, Revere Health participates with most plans operating in the state of Utah either directly or indirectly, including SelectHealth. We contract with major insurance organizations (payers) as well as local and national networks that have hundreds of smaller payers. We also work with third-party administrators and employer groups and organizations that access these provider networks.

Expertise to meet any health need
Revere Health has 400+ providers and advanced practice clinicians across more than 30 specialties, ensuring we can meet patients’ needs at any age and stage of life. We also operate in more than 100 urban and rural locations across the state, providing increased access to our essential services.

Owned and led by physicians
Our providers have a vested interest in keeping patients healthy, reducing costs, and acting as true healthcare partners. In everything we do, our physicians lead the way at Revere Health.