Connecting Utilties at PartnerPete

PartnerPete is a connection service that has been running since 2013. We help expats and locals who are living in or moving to the Netherlands to get the best deals on their home utilities. The best part? Our service is entirely free of charge. No hidden cost, the best deal, and no hassle!

Moving to the Netherlands can be hectic. One of the first things you need to deal with is getting your home equipped with electricity and gas (and don’t forget water). We inform you on how to fix this and help you to get the best deals. Gas and electricity is transported by regional Dutch privatized companies such as Vattenfall, Powerpeers and Delta. Choosing a suitable electricity & gas supplier can be daunting. PartnerPete helps you find a suitable partner, whether you value flexibility, price or the possibility to generate electricity yourself.

Using a connection service for utilities can save you time and money. Moreover, it can help you to overcome a language barrier. We are a connections company that already helped thousands of expats, and we can also help you get your electricity and gas efficiently and quickly. We offer multilingual customer care, flexible contracts, competitive prices, no hidden costs and we do not charge you anything.

We help over 15.000 expats who are moving to or living in the Netherlands every year to get the best deals on their home utilities. As an Expat Expert, PartnerPete knows what’s important to you. Our key benefits include:
- English customer service
- Flexible contracts
- The best deals
- All services in 1 place
- No hidden costs

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