Liselotte Lens

Real estate agent and MD at Lens Real Estate

Welcome to my business profile. I have been in the real estate market for over a decade now, and Amsterdam has no secrets for me anymore. I am the founder of Lens Real Estate and a full-time real estate agent.

With many years of experience negotiating high value deals, her natural sales ability and organizational skills provide an unmatched experience for her clients. A true marketing specialist, she creates a highly personalized plan for each client and ensures they achieve their real estate goals.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, investing or relocating, Nadia has a proven track record of establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships. She appreciates your business and ensures your goals are met by delivering information, advice, and personal attention. With both children now in college, Nadia is very connected to her community and the local public school system. Her passion for the beautiful surroundings of the area makes her an enthusiastic ambassador for selling its attributes, but also an expert guide for those coming to the area for the first time.

My skills and specialties:
- Skilled negotiator and strategist
- Seller and Buyer agent
- Rental expert
- Excellent research, organizational, and interpersonal skills
- Natural sales ability, poise and professional demeanor
- Fluent in English and Dutch

How We Work: 
No clients' request is the same, so are our fees. So, please contact us for a price range in our fee structure.

For buying or selling your property the agency fee varies between 1% and 1.5% of the selling/purchase price, depending on the price range. All our services and pricing are tailor-made for you:
Selling property: range 1.0 % - 1.5% (Incl. 21% V.A.T.)
Buying property: range 1.0 % - 1.5% (Incl. 21% V.A.T.)
To lease out property: 1 months' rent (Excl. 21% V.A.T.)
Home search assistance: 1 months' rent (Excl. 21% V.A.T.)

Feel free to contact us, we look forward to meet you.