Rene Koolhof

Engineer at Field Engineers

Is Your Home's Mechanical Ventilation System Clean?

A mechanical ventilation system plays a crucial role in providing your home with clean air, which is vital for your health. However, many people overlook the importance of regular maintenance for their mechanical ventilation systems, not only for cleaner air but also for energy efficiency.

Dirty air can lead to or exacerbate various health issues, including:
  • Allergies and mold problems
  • Respiratory issues
  • Irritation of mucous membranes
  • Transmission of viruses
  • Asthma complications

Many people are not aware of the importance of proper cleaning
of mechanical ventilations. Not only for clean air but also the energy consumption of a ventilation system. 

Mechanical ventilation is switched on all day and thus consumes power continuously.The cost of this can be considerable. We recommend that you have your mechanical ventilation box annually and major maintenance every 3 years performed. Is your mechanical ventilation box noisy or is it older than 15 years? Then have it replaced for an energy-efficient one with humidity sensor and RF remote control.

Today's mechanical ventilation boxes are 86% more energy efficient than the old boxes. Ask the mechanic for advice. 
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TIP! Upon completion of your home & during remodeling, turn off the MV box (mechanical ventilation box) to prevent construction dust from entering the system.
Has your boiler or heating device already been serviced? And has it already been inspected according to the new Gas Act. (Required since April 1, 2023). We are CO certified! 

Why does a central heating or boiler device need periodic maintenance and must be inspected according to the new Gas Act?

During a service of your boiler, the mechanic will make sure that the ignition system works optimally, that the burner/heat exchanger is clean and that the siphon is cleaned. In addition, there are various moving parts and parts that expand and contract under the influence of heat exchange. The mechanic also checks these points for optimal operation and replaces any sealing gaskets according to the manufacturer's instructions. Flue gas ducts running to and from the boiler must also be 100% leak-tight and comply with the new law 2022 "the new bracing".

Please note since April 1, 2023 only certified companies are allowed to perform maintenance and breakdowns according to the new Gas Act.

Periodic maintenance prevents the boiler from wasting energy due to faulty combustion or loss of heat. Wear and tear are also noticed in time to prevent dangerous situations from occurring. If combustion is not optimal (recognizable, for example, by a completely blue flame), carbon monoxide escapes very easily. This can have fatal consequences very quickly. Every central heating engineer must be CO certified by 2022 to work on your boiler. The central heating boiler is adjusted by the mechanic with calibrated CO measuring equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions in order to create the best possible combustion. A CO detector near a boiler is therefore a must and must be fitted according to strict guidelines. The mechanic checks it for function and expiration date. With a regular central heating boiler, it is recommended and goes compulsory (ask the mechanic for advice).
The same goes for smoke detectors this is already mandatory by the government.

Maintaining your boiler ensures that it lasts longer, is and remains economical in consumption, and that failures are limited as much as possible.

Have your boiler serviced annually and preferably before the winter season.
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