Marcha Huskes

Designer at DEVA LOVES

DEVA LOVES: Discover Unique Jewelry and Crystals in the Netherlands

Meet Marcha Hüskes, a creative force who has designed and released over twenty successful fashion collections under her own label on the international stage. Her passion for fashion is undeniable, but sometimes life calls for a new adventure. And that adventure led Marcha to her other great love: jewelry, stones, and crystals.

From Fashion to Magic

The changing mindset and challenges in the fashion industry served as the catalyst for a drastic career change. She chose to channel her creativity into jewelry that carries meaning, stones with healing properties, and crystals with symbolic value. DEVA LOVES was born.

A World of Meaning

DEVA LOVES invites you into an enchanting world of jewelry infused with the energy of the earth. Each piece tells its own story and holds healing powers and symbolism. Our collection is carefully curated and features natural materials that will inspire, astonish, and support you.

Natural, Authentic, and Quality

At DEVA LOVES, three core values take center stage: naturalness, authenticity, and quality. We cater to the self-assured woman with her own identity, a profound sense of spirituality, harmony, and beauty. Our jewelry and crystals reflect these values and contribute to your unique personality.

Your Journey Begins Here

Ready to surround yourself with the magic of jewelry and crystals? Explore DEVA LOVES' collection and find the perfect piece that resonates with you. Every purchase with us is a journey into beauty and meaning. Let yourself be inspired and supported by the power of natural materials and symbolism.

Questions or Comments? Get in Touch!

If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact Marcha via our chat or email. She's ready to guide your journey into the world of DEVA LOVES.