Tim Brugmans

Real estate agent and MD at BrugVast

Hi, welcome to my profile. My name is Tim, I am the founder and MD of BrugVast.

BrugVast is a reliable real estate partner with expertise. Thanks to our many years of experience with landlords, large companies and (expat) tenants, we know very well what is going on in the housing market in Eindhoven and surroundings.

How We Work: 
For landlords:
Renting out any property can implicate some complexities. Think of the communication with expatriate tenants, financial management and monitoring as well follow-ups, technical management and solving malfunctions in your property, commercial issues and all the the other facets that comes along with renting out property. We are happy to take care of these matters, for you!.

For tenants and buyers:
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BrugVast cares and relieves! We understand that your real estate deserves the same attention as you would give it yourself.