mr. M.J. Drijftholt

Lawyer and MD at AVC Advocaten

Meet Mr. M.J. (Jaap) Drijftholt - Your Legal Navigator

Imagine having a legal ally who's not just a lawyer but a seasoned problem-solver. Meet Jaap Drijftholt, a legal expert with a journey that's as unique as his approach to law.

Jaap's legal odyssey began with a passion for Notarial Law at the University of Amsterdam. He cut his teeth at the municipality of Amsterdam in 2003 and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the head of the former city district Oost/Watergraafsmeer in 2005. But that was just the start.

In 2005, Jaap took the plunge and founded his legal advice office, merging with another in 2011. Fast forward to January 2017, and AVC Advocaten was born. Jaap was determined to forge a new path as a lawyer.

Jaap is a master of civil law, specializing in real estate law (from project development to sale and purchase), VvE law, rental law, and labor law. His repertoire isn't limited to just one field; he's tackled numerous administrative (procedural) law cases, wielding specialist knowledge of the Participation Act.

Jaap is more than a lawyer; he's your practical problem-solver, always keeping an eye on the end goal - results.

He's not just any lawyer; Jaap is registered in the areas of law with the Netherlands Bar Association, specializing in general legal practice.

With his commitment to excellence, Jaap ensures he stays at the top of his game, continuously updating his expertise with ten training points in each registered area of law every calendar year, following the Dutch Bar Association's standards.

Ready to navigate the legal maze with a true expert by your side? Reach out to Jaap Drijftholt and let's start solving your legal challenges today.