Martin Hammega

Real estate agent and MD at AnderZ makelaar

Welcome to my profile. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, Groningen. And I work in two locations. Groningen (the Netherlands), and also just across the German border in Papenburg, Lower Saxony.

In 1998 I worked at a bank and had many clients in the real estate market. Later I joined a real estate agency and through hard work and taking several real estate courses I became a certified real estate agent. In 2008, I started my own business which we named AnderZ real estate agent (a pun for "doing things differently" and an A to Z for services). In today's world, you could say my office is a family business because my wife also works with me.

I live for real estate.... Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee at the leading real estate agency in Groningen, Netherlands or in Papenburg Germany. We will make your time worthwhile.

More facts about me:
Groningen's leading purchase broker

Many people know Martin Hammega as a buying agent. Which makes sense, because nationally the share of purchase assistance in the turnover of a real estate agency is about 12% (source: NVM). In Groningen it is about 22%, but AnderZ broker has about 45% turnover as a purchase broker. So almost half of all the transactions we do in a year, we do as purchase brokers. That says a lot, a lot. As a buying agent, you are so close to what buyers want, you can only do a better job advising on the sale.

Pro-active no cure, no pay sales broker
Martin Hammega is also very active as a sales broker in Groningen and Annen. In doing so, he does the otherZ. It's your house, you know the most about it and with Martin's expertise and experience you get the best result. Because we do so much purchase counseling, we know the market, the requirements, the seekers, YOUR potential buyer. This allows us to get the best result for you. But beyond the price, Martin is also about the terms. For example, did you know that in recent years only 4 (!!!) transactions have failed due to financing? By communicating well with buyers, Martin Hammega always knows what is going on and can thus set up a worry-free sales process for you.

How we work:
For buying and selling:
1.5% commission with a minimum of € 2,750, - INCLUDING 21% V.A.T.

For letting your property:
8% excluding 21% V.A.T.

For assistance in finding a property:
we charge 1 month rent excluding 21% V.A.T.