Geert-Iem Roos

Partner and Lawyer at Alpha Advocaten

I am a Dutch lawyer with over 20 years of experience. Also I am a Partner at Alpha Advocaten with our headquarters in Almere, second office in Amsterdam and the island of Texel. You can say that I am the problem solver to go-to and I cover all areas throughout The Netherlands.

Member of the Dutch Association of Defence Council

My top specialties are: criminal law and international criminal law, yet, do reach out to me for assistance in Contract Law and Family Law as well.

More information about me and our office:
Our expertise covers everything from drug-related cases, assault, manslaughter and murder cases to financial crime (of various degrees of severity) and any other type of criminal case. We have proven experience in defending clients involved in tax, property and investment fraud, as well as those suspected of implication in, and/or managing, criminal organisations. Since we specialise in all areas of criminal law, you can also contact us about cases pending before the Police Court (Politierechter), as well as before a 3-judge criminal court (Meervoudige Strafkamer) or the Juvenile Court (Kinderrechter). In some cases, we may also file an appeal on your behalf with the Court of Appeal or an appeal in cassation before the Supreme Court. We are also experienced in specialised procedures such as extradition, surrender and detention under a hospital order (TBS). Our criminal barristers are fluent in Dutch, English and French (in the case of me, Mr. G.I. Roos).

About Us - How We Work:

Please reach out to me or our office when it comes to pricing and costs, but foremost how I can help you out.

Mr Roos’ areas of expertise include supporting the victims of serious crimes, international and cross-border criminal law (extradition and surrender) and providing legal assistance outside the Netherlands (in conjunction with local legal counsel). He also specializes in international law (including international criminal law). Like all members of our legal team, he will work out an appropriate strategy together with you.

G.I. Roos supports his clients in the often unequal battle between the law and society at large, always keeping his clients’ interests in mind. Mr Roos’ professional commitment extends beyond office hours, which means he is available to his clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.