Alisa Tomasian

Real estate agent at AT

Your Amsterdam Real Estate Expert - Alisa

Hello, I'm Alisa, your independent real estate agent specializing in both Amsterdam and Lisbon. My mission is simple yet crucial: to leverage my extensive knowledge and experience in these housing markets to meet your specific needs, whether that's finding the perfect rental, letting, buying, or selling property.

I take immense pride in providing a personal touch to every interaction. As an independent business owner, my services are exclusively tailored to your unique requirements. That means I'm with you every step of the way, ensuring you find the property of your dreams.

What Can You Expect From Me?

As your dedicated real estate agent, I conduct a comprehensive search to identify suitable options based on your criteria. Here's a breakdown of the rental options I can assist you with:

For Individuals: I specialize in locating single-bedroom apartments starting from € 1800 per month.

Couples: Whether you need a one or two-bedroom apartment, I can find options available from € 2000 per month.

Students: If you're an international student, I'll search for one or two-bedroom apartments starting from € 2000 per month.

Shared Accommodations for Working Professionals (No Students): I can help you discover shared living options starting from € 2500 per month.

Please be aware that affordable rental properties below € 1500 per month for a single bedroom are scarce in Amsterdam. Properties in this price range are in high demand and are often snapped up within seconds of becoming available. Thus, it's crucial to make swift decisions regarding your desired living arrangements in Amsterdam.

As your trusted real estate partner, I exclusively focus on long-term rentals and do not engage in room rentals, short-term rentals, or vacation rentals. My priority is to provide stable and reliable housing options for individuals looking to settle in Amsterdam and its surrounding areas.

Relocating Stress-Free

Moving to a new city or country can be a daunting experience. Rest assured, I've got your back. Whether it's organizing your gas, electricity, and insurance, or ensuring that your lamps are working on day one, I'm here to take care of all those little details. With me by your side, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Ready to embark on your real estate journey in Amsterdam or Lisbon? Contact me today to get started. Your ideal property awaits!