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Pricing and Plans

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Our Story

Connect with the best local professionals. At GoToThisGuy we strive to find the perfect match between the local professional and the client. By giving local companies and their employees their own stage with all company information and a personal story, potential customers can easily find the most suitable professional or company.
This is a win-win situation for both ends. As an international consumer you can easily find on GoToThisGuy which professional is the best match for you in your region.

How it started

GoToThisGuy is a Dutch company and based in Amsterdam, with years of experience promoting real estate agents. With GoToThisGuy we want to involve everyone who needs a professional, especially the internationals, that is why we use two languages on this site. 

The search for a suitable company or person starts online. But the huge growth of information has not made this process any easier. So, you start asking around in your network if anyone knows or has a recommendation or who they work with. In short: the GoToThisGuy.

Our Values

The values that make GoToThisGuy unique.
We bring our attention to companies that...

Work internationally
  • Open minded
  • International customers
  • Digital focus 

Are loyal to their environment
  • Giving back to the regional community 
  • Being an active part of a regional ecosystem

Have a human focus
  • Create positive change for their customers
  • Positive company culture
  • Skin in the game

GoToThisGuy works with:

Local heroes
At important events in your life, they are there to support you with their network, knowledge, and experience.
  • Services driven businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Human focus

National challengers
On a national level, these businesses are leaders: know the national regulations, laws and possibilities. 
  • Expertise driven businesses
  • (Digital) services
  • Entrepreneurial focus

Global change makers
These organizations are ambitious change makers. Driven by changing the status quo, creating a better world. 
  • Innovation driven businesses
  • Building products
  • Purpose focus


GoToThisGuy wants to be known for trust and reliability. So, it is important that the reliability of the professionals and companies on our platform is high. Therefore, we only allow companies on our platform that meet our conditions.


We believe it is important that consumers have the choice of which professional they contact. We provide an international platform for these professionals. This allows consumers to make the right choice in a transparent way.

Questions or suggestions?

At GoToThisGuy, we compile our data carefully and continuously improve our services. Therefore, we are happy to receive feedback from users and businesses. Contact us:

Call a staff member (available Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00)
Call us at +31(0)20-7723915
Mail to: info@gotothisguy.com